Managing your chaos

About Ginnungagap

Ginnungagap helps you knit your information together. The platform will read your information from several types of sources and link it together making it searchable. Use cases are many, but important solutions are made for detecting money laundering, fraudlent actions within SOX, etc.

Ginnungagap can also connect, link and group your information per concern, information normally spread across several systems. Use cases are solutions like displaying full customer conversations from SMSs, E-mails, paper mails, etc.

The Ginnungagap project is fully backed and sponsored by the three companies DIG2B AB, Sensate AB and Bricksource AB

Why Ginnungagap

Ginnungagap is mentioned in the norse mythology as the bottomless abyss that was all there prior to the beginning of cosmos, a place where cosmos itself should collapse during Ragnarrok, and only be reborn when the cycle completes, i.e. the empty space representing the orginal chaos, before gods.

We see our solution act in your local chaos of information- It helps you find and answer to your questions, helps you prove or dismiss your thoughts and suspiciousness.

Contact Us

Don't hesitate to contacts us and discuss if your use case can be solved by Ginnungagap.

Lars Henrikson, CEO, Sales and Marketing

Oskar Carlstedt, Software developer and Solutions architect

Rickard Lundin, Software developer and Infrastructure architect