Improve your business using your data

Revolutionary insights

90% of all world's data has been produced during the last two years. At the same time technology evolution has made it possible to analyze large amount of data in a way we couldn't dream of just a few years ago. It means the technology is ready to connect and cross-check data from different data sources utilizing algorithms together with technologies like machine-learning, big-data, no-sql. We either create connected data and or use it to reach new insights. We call this process learn your data.

How we can help

Our mission is to make our customers better understand their business by learing to analyze their own data. We provide help in all stages, from initial discussions about goals and expextations to a final system setup, through mining and connecting data. We use our broad and deep knowledge within data science to learn our customers to use modern technologies to find and realize business pattern in their own data.

Most of our customers have a lot of data, sometimes it's structured but more often we meet unstructured data in any forms. We provide consultancy services within project management, project coordination, technical guidance as well as implementing tailor-made solutions. Preferably we work together with your organization to ensure an "asked for" delivery and a good competence handover before ending our assignments.

Consultancy services We are aware of all the difficulties in adopting new concepts and technologies. Therefore we provide consultancy services within organizational and project management as well as architecture and implementation of tailor made data science systems. From a technical perspective we are especially good at tools for Machine Learning and BigData (s.a. Apache Spark, Hadoop, etc.), NoSQL (s.a. MongoDB, ScyllaDB, Elastic Search, etc.) and tools for connecting data (s.a. Neo4j). We know installations on public clouds (s.a. Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, etc.) as well as on premise installations.
Everyone at G11 are passionate about their work and are driven by learning stuff, either about technologies or softer stuff like organization optimizations. Therefore we provide real consultants where our aim is to help you with a specific task. In short we deliver and finalize our work and continue with next assignment or next client.

Data generation We can use the knowledge we have about production data to create a simulated data set which can be used to test different scenarios within the organization. As an example we can setup a realistic SEPA flow of transactions and thereafter add suspicious transactions to test the organization's ability to react on money laundering.
With new data protection regulations within the EU (GDPR) we must also ask ourselves if it is legally correct to use anonymized production data in test when the regulation itself pointing out any data that can be used to identify a person should be considered. E.g. how do we handle a set of transactional information which is uniques for a single customer.

Ready to install appliances There are many reasons why organizations find it hard to implement tailor made systems on their own. We provide systems that are ready to install in your IT environment. Either we enable these on public clouds an installation on premise.
A drawback by using this model may be difficulties in getting access to data, or making a good handover in analytical as well as technical competence. What we say is you normally have to work with a solution to get the max out of it.

Product development Sometimes we agree there are services missing on the market, which we try to provide to the public.

Our experience

Thus a small company we have long, wide and deep experience from many areas and levels of larger Swedish banking institutions. We have been working with anti money laundering, risk management, many levels of architecture, systems development and building servers.

  • Detecting anti money laundering (AML) and finance of terrorism
  • Detecting illegal tax avoidance
  • Financial data analytics, s.a. patterns of different customer segments, predictive analysis, etc.
  • Classification of financial transactions (s.a. food expenses, car expenses, ...)
  • Fulfillment of know your customer (KYC)
  • and more ...

We are not big fans of titles because it puts ourselves into boxes. Instead we encorage everyone to do what they are best at. We all have solid technical and management backgrounds within computer science technologies and software development. However, we do have focus areas within the company to simplify external communication.

If you feel like sendning us mail, please do. You'll reach us on the following postal address.

Ginnungagap Informatik AB
Lidnersplan 10, 6tr
112 53 Stockholm
Stockholms län

CEO and Business strategist
Lars Henriksson
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CIO and IT Architect
Oskar Carlstedt
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CTO and Infrastructure Architect
Rickard Lundin
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