Some words about us

Our mission, vision and strategy

Our mission is to make our customers understand their business better by helping them see patterns and get new business insights from their data. We provide help all the way from starting discussions to a final system installation, through mining and connecting data. If needed we will help introduce and use modern technologies in combination with our broad and deep knowledge within data science and organizational work.

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To make our clients better understand their business through their data.

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To become a world leading partner in business related data science.

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Use our competence together with modern technologies to help our customers move the next level.

We are not big fans of titles because it puts ourselves into boxes. Instead we encorage everyone to do what they are best at. We all have solid technical and management backgrounds within computer science technologies and software development. However, we do have focus areas within the company to simplify external communication.

If you feel like sendning us mail, please do. You'll reach us on the following postal address.

Ginnungagap Informatik AB
Lidnersplan 10, 6tr
112 53 Stockholm
Stockholms län

CEO and Business strategist
Lars Henriksson
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CIO and IT Architect
Oskar Carlstedt
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CTO and Infrastructure Architect
Rickard Lundin
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