Success factors

Success factors of data analytics

Access to data always comes with a bunch of organizational power. Making analysis on such must therefore be performed with a big portion sensitivity, showing respect to the surrounding, while also being ethic as well as morally accepted to not challenge the organizational unit making such analysis, and in the longer run challenge the company management.

Because data analysis is about operating on data, you need access to data. Our experience says this may be much harder than it sounds. The technical parts is normally a lot easier.

Working with data will give you results of many kinds. By including employees (as much as possible) you will easier get acceptance for possible changes, or even better, maybe you get suggestions of changes for improvement by your own personnel. Therefore, don’t be afraid to share as much as possible of your results.

A small organization

Small organizations normally have a tight communication between employees organizational units, which may open up for better acceptance of a data analytics project. It is normally easier to get an understanding for business optimizations. IN the same way the results are normally easier to share because all employees are likely to feel they part of running the company.

Because of tight communication and short organizational paths, smaller organizations are more likely to work with aggressive time plans, meaning it's accepted to aim for more results during a shorter time frame.

A large organization

Even if the task is the same, our experience tells us we have to put a lot more effort to gain access to data in larger organizations compared to smaller ones. Internal politics and diverging strategies are common blockers.

Therefore larger organizations have to pay much more attention to anchor ideas and purposes for an data analytics project with involved organizational parts before its started, otherwise it’s the odds for success is limited.

We are not big fans of titles because it puts ourselves into boxes. Instead we encorage everyone to do what they are best at. We all have solid technical and management backgrounds within computer science technologies and software development. However, we do have focus areas within the company to simplify external communication.

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